Tell the World who you really are

Do you feel fulfilled?

In the reality of fast–changing world where opportunities to grow seem to be abundant, more and more people keep asking the same questions…

  • Am I living up to my full potential?
  • Could I do more than I do now?
  • Am I capitalizing on all of my strength and talents?
  • Am I growing to the pace I want to?
  • What is my true inner element?
  • Who am I?

We got curious why those questions just kept coming and so our insights fundamentally changed our growth paradigm

Who are you and what do you do?

To hack the source of those inner conversations, we first looked into the question people usually ask each other when they first meet.

Who you are and what do you do?

“I am a lawyer, a banker, an entrepreneur, a musician, a software engineer” usually happens to be the answer.But does it fully reflect who we are? Does is fully tell our story?

People are more than just their position or profession. It just happens that being trapped in their corporate name-tags we get introduced to the world with just one expertise area while the rest of their talents remain unseen.

Morevoer, sometimes we ourselves are not able to verbalize all the know-how we possess and so we showcase only a small part of our “talents pallet”.

“Banker who knows all about Chinese tea and mastered billiard, practices Yoga, and is a brilliant story-teller. That’s who I am. And, I am ready to share my talents with you.”

Doesn’t that approach change the whole picture of who we are and how we can be seen?

We imagine all of us like a walking memory sticks containing tons of information, unique expertise and talents that are unseen to the rest of the world. .

And so when someone is looking for a mentor, a coach or a hands-on expert in certain field, they lose a lot of time, efforts and money to get access to the possible mentor that is probably right there next door.

This is why we decided to build Brainee, a single knowledge management platform that maps out all the diverse expertise you possess and matches us to those who are looking for it.

Thanks to Brainee, everyone will be able to promote and exchange all of their know-how with others, rate &get rated for the provided expertise, monetize their knowledge base and create their own learning networks.

Brainee will analyze and keep track of all the knowledge data and learning interactions and will advise on how to stand out and grow as an expert in certain field.

With Brainee, anyone can fearlessly follow their calling and change career direction by growing their clientele base in advance.

Brainee helps people liberate themselves from one-tag self-introduction, be seen with their fullest potential and benefit from that.


Values Brainee Brings To Individual


Match with people you’d like to mentor or coach you


Monetize all of your knowledge base not just a part of it


Use your personal learning data to makedecision on your future career steps


Stand out by demonstrating all of your talents no matter your work title is


Recognize people interested in the same topic as you


Share with others and validate your expertise by peer rating

Our Propposition For Organizations


Recruit the full person not just a part of him


Make your decisions based on learning data


Learn what drives your employees


Manage your internal knowledge base


Shape up a self- learning organization


Create motivating learning environment